Inspiration and motivation #SMCSFBlog

It seems that I’m not the only one who is lacking inspiration about blogging lately.  As I’ve alluded before, I tend to run until I burn myself out.  Then I open my laptop and stare at a blank WordPress post, and then put the computer away. What I’ve been doing instead is picking up books and reading like it’s going out of style, playing games on my phone or watching basketball.  Sometimes it’s some combination of all three, with quick breaks to check my social media sites.

And then it occurred to me.  It’s not that I’ve lost the inspiration to write, it’s that I’ve lost the motivation to focus on a single topic for a given period of time.  I task-switch throughout the day and it’s carrying over in to my non-work life.  I also have toned down on my exercise, and the impact it has on my creativity is evident.

So how to stop it?  I’ve turned my phone upside down so I can’t see the screen, and I am only surfing on one tab at a time.  Or at least I’m trying.  And I am trying to walk away from the computer a bit more, so I am not splitting my brain between different actions.  Let’s see if it works


7 thoughts on “Inspiration and motivation #SMCSFBlog

  1. Blanca Stella Mejia (@miamishines) says:

    What I have been doing in the last year is enjoying movies on cable or Netflix much more. And I literally turn away from the computer when I start feeling that it is too much. So like right now I was watching a movie , had a nice brain relax and am ready for the next day 🙂

    • xtinakm says:

      Yeah I can see that! I have been reading a lot, because I tend to hyper focus when I read. I think it’s my brain’s need for balance. It definitely helps!

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