Around the internet – the Almost weekend edition

It’s Friday-eve and do I ever need the weekend.  El Hombre is bragging about having Monday off and that’s just nonsense! I’ve got so much going on that it’s a little overwhelming, but been focusing on trying to stay centered. But tomorrow’s payday and I think it’s time to either upgrade my phone or buy a new pair of shoes.  Either way, retail therapy seems to be on the horizon.

So, before I start going overboard, daydreaming about lazy weekends – here are some stories I got a kick out of this week:

What you need to know about bacon

I love Simpsons trivia – so much so that I wrote a 15 page paper on the Simpsons in college.

I love seeing Miami embrace it’s (pretty much nonexistant) history.

You’ve probably already read this, but so sweet!

Fascinating story on the woman behind Champagne.

This rant is amazing. I needed this laugh…


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