Monday Music and Contemplation.

I am so thankful that we had such an amazing day yesterday, because today was crazy and stressful.  I was frustrated to the point of exhaustion.  So on my drive home, I struck up some of my 90s jam band music to unwind.

Today I associated with the line, “shut up, I’m thinking/I had a clue and it’s gone forever.”

Then I got home and El Hombre had done a bunch of laundry and made an amazing chili that I ate with a Shipyard Pumpkinhead beer.  I don’t care what the movies say — love isn’t about flowers and jewelry. It’s sensing when your other half is having a shitty day (without saying a word to each other all day) and making an effort to make it better.  Like this song, it gets happier at the end.

I am extremely fortunate.


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