A recap of my 30 day blog challenge #SMCSFBlog

So for the first time since I have joined these 30 day blog challenges, I didn’t actually complete it.  I missed 6 days near the end of the month.  At first I was upset, and then I realized that it’s ok.  It’s ok to commit to something and not quite make it.  I could have posted on those days, but what I would have posted wouldn’t have been quality.  I’m not thrilled about some of my writings this month because they came from a place of obligation, rather than inspiration.

Having a long weekend has helped me think through this. Because I’ve been focusing on the more personal things in my life, rather than work, I am feeling more inspired.  Plus my yard looks better (major credit to El Hombre.)

Sometimes you have to stop in order to be more productive.  In burning the midnight oil for as long as I was, my ability to be creative and to think clearly started to suffer.  I started to get frustrated and resentful, but wasn’t quite sure why or how to resolve it.  When I get like that, I just need to unplug from everything, and that includes writing.

Sometimes you just need a long weekend.


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