Making the cut

It’s been long time coming.

For several years I grew my hair out.  I have never had long hair, and part of me was interested in having a different look.  But my main reason so I could chop it all off and donate it.  There were a few things that compelled me to have the patience to deal with growing my hair out.  Several years ago, I heard of an acquaintance who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in her mid-20s.  Since them,more and more people I know have been diagnosed with cancer.  Fortunately most have survived and are now in remission, but it’s frightening to think about people my age or younger, suddenly battling cancer.  No one ever thinks that in their 20s or early 30s that they will be diagnosed with a terrifying disease.

At the same time, I used to work for a girl-based, non-profit organization.  Around the time, some of my friends’  daughters cut their hair for Locks of Love, and asked that I do the same thing.  Back then I would have had to shave my head to come close to the minimum requirements, but I made a promise that when my hair was long enough I would follow their example.  None of them probably remember me, much less that promise, but I wouldn’t have felt right if I didn’t follow through.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that a simple hair cut will cure cancer.  But I do hope that the 13+ inches of hair that I donated makes some person, facing bigger problems than I have, feel a little more confident about themselves.  It may be a small thing, but small things can make a difference.  Plus, in donating hair, I know it goes to an actual person, rather than giving money which generally goes in to administrative costs.


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