Run it out

Last weekend was a challenge.  Such a challenge that it took me a week to physically recover.  But let me start from the beginning.

You may remember that one of my goals last year, which carried over to this year was to finish a 10k.  So my husband and I registered for the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC.  Despite having lived in Charleston, I have never done this run because until last year, I loathed running. I didn’t do it.

As we have both gotten in to running, races are becoming more interesting for us.  And then last September, we went to Charleston and Kiawah for a family trip.  As we were walking around, we decided to do the run.  Fast-forward to last weekend.  I think it started the day before we left when my family all called to tell me they weren’t going to make it down for whatever reason.

First of all, we chose an early flight, and ended up missing the flight. I am not good at being late to things, and being off my timing is one thing that is sure to put me on edge.  But we pick up our next flight and don’t have to spend our day on standby in various airports, so… ok.  Once we get to Charleston, and get to our AirBnB place (which was awesome) – we walk around and explore. But I start feeling stuffy, and my throat starts to hurt.  Because I am allergic to Live Oaks.  And it’s the highest pollen count of the entire year.  Because the great state of South Carolina hates me.

The next day we wake up early and El Hombre realizes he’s lost his ID.  Between my complete lack of sleep and this discovery, we can pretty much count this trip as done from a fun perspective.  But we get to the boat and get to the start line and start running.  And it’s tough because I can barely breathe.  And then El Hombre’s foot started to bother him.  But we finished. And in the moments that I was running with my Spam Allstars radio playing, and 40k runners around me, I felt good.   It was runner’s high or something.  The rest of the day wasn’t bad.  Until El Hombre realizes he can’t find his credit card.  Of course.  We called around and no one had it.

So that night we count it all up – El Hombre’s ID and card are gone.  We could still fly but it’s going to be a pain.  I couldn’t breathe and felt like absolute death.  We are both in horrible moods.  So we decided to book a rental car and drive home the next day.

You know a trip has gone horribly awry when you decide to spend more money to drive 10 hours just to get away from where you are.  We stopped in Saint Augustine and took a couple hours to walk around and get a bite to eat, and then we kept going.

I won’t lie – this was one of the worst trips I have ever taken.  If not for the race, I would have said it was a complete waste.  But we persevered.  It was tough and it was tense and looking back, I wish we hadn’t gotten on that standby flight after missing our flights. But you live some and learn some.

Would I go back to Charleston and do the race again? Yes.  Would I make El Hombre go? No, and I don’t think he will ever want to go back to Charleston after this, which makes me a little sad. But it is what it is.


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