One of the more interesting people I’ve met this year…

Last month El Hombre and I jaunted off to Andalusia for a slightly belated honeymoon, and it was wonderful. I loved the area, the history and the food.

But some of the people we met were really interesting.  We stayed in a couple AirBnB places, and as we got to know our hosts, we were once again validated that AirBnB is totally the way to go, at least for us.  One of our hosts in particular was really interesting.  He is probably in his mid-late 30s and is a graphic designer.  He wasn’t fluent in English, and I am not fluent in Spanish (although El Hombre is) but he was really interesting.  A  graphic designer who is freelancing, Pepe knew everything there was to know about Granada and the surrounding area.  We talked at length about politics, travel and hairless cats (he owns two).  It’s clear that he is intellectual, but light-hearted.  And he had a very typical Spanish attitude about life.  He used to work in an office, a fast-paced agency. But that life was crazy and very work-focused. So now he works for himself.  He designs stuff for travel spots, local businesses and even more.  Always willing to network to expand his client base, you can see that he loves what he does.

It’s definitely made me think a little differently on the path I may want to go down in the future.  We definitely parted ways with Pepe a little more inspired.


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