a fresh start

Unlike everyone else in South Florida, we did not go to Art Basel this weekend (with the exception of one shoot-off event). Instead we kept it local and low-key.  Between El Hombre finishing school and me having bronchitis, we haven’t wanted to deal with traffic and mobs of people pretending to care about art, when really they just want to boost up their Instagram accounts.

Maybe it’s because El Hombre is finishing school, and I’ve been trying to rekindle my creative spark, but this weekend we have been inspired. We’ve been paring down the house – either repurposing things, giving things away or throwing things out.  It feels good. Our home is coming together in a really cool way and seeing the lushness of our yard when I come home from a long commute is instantly relaxing.

So for the next few months, my focus is to continue to reduce the things we don’t need, and to build clean, inspirational little nooks in my house and yard, where I can sit and relax.

Ultimately the goal is to have a fresh start with comfortable space. To live with less and to appreciate the experiences that come with changes.

Unfortunately I have not taken “before” pictures, but I do plan to post pictures of our fresh new space once it’s complete.


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