While most of the country is drudging through the remnants of slush and snow, it’s absolutely delightful in South Florida right now. Gone is the sticky mugginess, at least for now. With nights in the high 50s and days in the low 70s, I can barely stand to be inside. This is our winter and it’s my only opportunity to wear my “winter” clothes.

It’s funny how something simple, like a change in weather, triggers certain feelings. But every year that I have lived here, I always proclaim that this feels like a North Carolina spring. It feels like a fresh start.

Growing up, I had seasons. I couldn’t help the twinge of excitement when the days started to get a little brighter and the weather a little warmer. Coats and scarves were cast away and we felt like we could move without the restraint of so many layers. Colors started popping out with the blooming of spring. It was like the world woke up and some new adventure was on it’s way. Spring breaks, trips to the mountains or the beach, or simply being outside building tree forts. Who knew what my parents had planned for us?

Even now, crisp mornings with a slow-warming of the day it brings back that sense of optimism, the eager anticipation of what’s to come. When I go outside and get a lung full of this fresh, crisp air, I feel almost bowled over with excitement. After what seems like months of worrying and stress, I feel regenerated.


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