Clean it up.

I was more productive this weekend than I probably will be all week. Not that I don’t work – I do, and quite hard. But you see, I don’t always feel like sitting behind a computer screen or on conference calls is all that productive when it comes to my actual life.

Over the past few weeks we have been paring down and cleaning up. It’s been long time coming, but I have seriously cleaned out my closet and plan to continue to do so. El Hombre and I started this thing where when we buy something, we have to get rid of something.  I have to say, it definitely has made me a much less impulsive buyer (my bank account thanks me). It also means that I have less to organize, clean and fold (I hate doing all of these things.)

I also have realized I have lots of cute vintage clothes that are way, WAY too hot to wear down here in South Florida. So we’ll be loading these up in our Etsy store for all of you who still have snow and are over your winter clothes.

But even though I’ve been talking about wanting to pare down and not have so many things cluttering up my home, our motivator for this is a little different.  My family is coming down to visit this weekend and they have never seen our place. As a result, our condo has NEVER been more clean than it is right now. Because Italians and Southerners judge these things. Even if they don’t say anything.


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