Road trips and adventures

They say that planning vacations is almost as therapeutic as taking them. I’d say that’s true.  There’s something about researching and narrowing down all the possibilities that lights up my daydreams and cools down my stress levels.

Since my husband and I started taking trips, way back when we were dating, we’ve been drawn to road trips. There’s something about not being stagnant for too long that appeals to me, and something about driving a new car on new roads that appeals to him. We’ve been up and down the west coast, the east coast and even through out Spain.

This year feels a little different. We didn’t go anywhere in May (our usual time) because I was all over the place for work. Now I am starting to map out our journey through the American southwest and I can’t stop dreaming of deserts, mountains and canyons. Bring it on fall! I’m ready for the open road, tiny restaurants, funky AirBnBs and lots of national parks painted in mind-blowing shades of reds and oranges!


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