Math isn’t always linear

Sometimes my posts are random, but they usually tie back to life. This is one of them.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a lecture that argued logic and math isn’t always linear. We, as people, tend to think in a linear fashion. For example, if A=B and B=C then A=C. Or take the basic fundamentals of math. 1+1=2. Or 1+2=3. Tell a person that 1+1=4 and they will argue that it’s wrong. “That’s not how math works.” But there are exceptions and while I was never good at math, I know this following exception to be true (This all makes sense in a minute, I promise).

In some instances, 1+1=4. Let me tell you how this works and how it relates.

Take two people. A man and a woman. Each person represents the number one. Put them together in the right circumstances and you get a number that equals more than two. For example, you can have a total number of 4. How? Well, Add that man (El Hombre) and that woman (me) together and you apparently get twins. So a total of four in a family.

Ok enough with math and more about that last paragraph.

It’s a weird thing, being pregnant. Especially with twins. Especially when you don’t have twins in your family. There’s no way to explain what you go through either physically or emotionally to someone who’s never been pregnant. Your relationships with friends change (in my case it’s all been supremely positive). Your relationship with food becomes complicated (in my case extremely complicated.) Your relationship with your Self becomes interesting.

My relationship with this blog has also changed. I don’t especially want to become a “mommy blogger” but I also want to be authentic about the things in my life. This post resonated with me significantly.

In conversation with one of my friends who has a toddler, she remarked that she doesn’t feel like she can associate with her friends with kids who do not work anymore. Not because she resents stay-at-home moms or envies them, but because many of them have appeared to lose their sense of self. In thinking back on how my relationships have changed with women who’ve become moms, I’ve found the same thing has happened to me. I believe you can be a fantastic mother without becoming an extension of your children and that’s my goal.

I’ll probably talk more about baby stuff and pregnancy on this blog, especially since a lot of the resources I have found so far has been either geared towards affiliate links or terrifying. But I want to talk about other things too. Things that still interest me or catch my attention in this world. Let’s see how this goes!



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