Rain, Rain, go away

I’ll be the first to admit that I love rainy days. I especially love stormy rainy days. There’s something cozy about how dark and cozy my house gets – it makes me want to wrap up in blankets and snuggle with my cats.

But enough is enough. This is our dry season and I’ve been itching to go walking outside. But I can’t because it’s this constant drizzle with breaks for storms. I know we need the water, but I’m starting to feel like Neptune has taken a vacation to the sky.

So in an attempt to be productive, I’ve started trying to cook again.  Yesterday I made Gingerbread Biscotti (I modified the recipe to add a lot of chopped candied ginger which made it awesome) and today I am working on bread. I often forget how comfortable it feels to bake when the weather’s bad, as we have no real winter here. But there’s just something so homey about the smell of bread rising. It’s been awhile since I baked anything and I forgot how much I like it. It requires focus and precision in a way that my other cooking does not.

I may not be inspired to read about Analytics this week, but at least I am inspired to do something other than cuddle on the couch with my cats and binge watch Vikings. Hopefully I can also whip up some dinners with protein and veggies hidden in that I can store for the week.  That is, if the deluge ever lets up.


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