3 things we need to move on from

In the past month that I’ve been (willingly) unemployed, I’ve had a lot of time to myself. I’ve spent part of that time feeling like absolute death because of the babies, but I’ve also spent a lot of time reconnecting with friends that I haven’t spoken to in awhile. Of course, I/ve also been perusing blogs and social media and damn, some people are so angry, and it’s got to be exhausting. I know it exhausts me to read the vitriol and to be honest I am over it.  Below is a summery of the top three things I am tired of hearing about:

  1. Divisive political candidates. Especially if you don’t support them. Hawking the hateful things they say only gives them more power and justification for the things they say. Ignore them. With the absence of conversation they lose power. I am not saying to avoid political discussion or political news, but focus on the things that are important – not hateful speech that’s only meant to go viral to get attention.
  2. The vaccine debate. We all have our opinions and beliefs. For the most part, none of us are doctors. I am all for having intelligent conversation, but for some reason this one gets dirty fast. Accusing someone of bad parenting is not going to bring them to your side.
  3. Derogatory jokes about race/gender/sexual identity/religions beliefs. Come on now, it’s 2016. It’s not funny. Let’s get over the perpetration of stereotypes, ok?



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