5 things you need during pregnancy.


In the past 17 weeks my body has been undergoing a tremendous amount of change as these twins grow inside of me. Because I’m a first-time mom, I try to stay ahead of the curve in terms of what I need, but sometimes I’ve been stuck.

There are so many things on the web that tell you what you need for the babies, but not as much as what you need for yourself.  I’ve come to realize that certain things are absolutely indispensable for my day-to-day life. I’m trying to keep track of all these details for friends who are maybe a month or so behind me and these are the 5 absolutely things I need in my life right now:

  1. Water bottle. I’ve made the mistake of thinking that I’m just running out for a second, only to find myself parched and without something to drink because I ran in to people, got stuck in traffic or just ended up out longer than expected. I got a s’well bottle for Christmas and it’s truly my favorite thing right now because it keeps water cold forEVER.
  2. Snacks. I am one of those people who didn’t start getting sick until my 11th week and it hasn’t fully gone away. Sometimes it’s what I eat and sometimes it’s just that I need to eat.  At first I was stuck on soda crackers and ginger chews. Now I keep granola bars, trail mix and ginger chews in my bag if I’m out.
  3. Chapstick. Everyone will tell you to moisturize to prevent stretch marks. You may even read that your skin will change and become more sensitive.  This includes your lips. I have these stashed in all my bags, my bedroom and my bathroom.
  4. Non-baby entertainment. Once you get pregnant you can’t help but read about stuff you need, surf Pinterest for pregnancy and baby stuff and talk to your pregnant friends. Everyone in the world asks you about your pregnancy and after awhile you feel sucked in to baby land. I personally need an escape so I take time to read non-baby books as much as possible while I still can. When I have my really bad days, I take time to watch TV or surf non-baby websites. It makes me feel more balanced.
  5. Pillows. All the pillows. Because I’m carrying twins, my symptoms come out a little faster than most. At 17 weeks I’m clearly showing, my sciatica is already angry at life and I have issues getting comfortable on the couch on in bed. El Hombre has affectionately nicknamed one of my pillows, “the whale pillow” and even though I suspect he hates it, I can’t sleep without it.

Of course there are other, non-tangible things you need. Like a good support network, friends, exercise. But that’s all stuff we already know.  What do you keep around to make your pregnancy smoother and more comfortable?


2 thoughts on “5 things you need during pregnancy.

  1. Rose Dosanjh says:

    I agree! Especially with the water and pillows. Water will be even more vital if you breastfeed. Your insides will feel like a desert. Good call on the Chapstick – make sure to put one on your hospital bag! 🙂

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