An ode to raspberries 

It’s hot outside, I’m hauling around an extra 30 pounds of twin babies and still battling (mild) nausea. So when I saw you, peeking out at me from the produce section, I knew immediately that I needed you in my life. 

Oh raspberries. I never loved you like this before. Admittedly, your texture used to turn me off. But so sweet and tart, and just a little juicy with an aftertaste that deliciously lingers, I take it all back.  

Let’s try to keep this a long-term thing, ok? I don’t want this to end up the way my most recent relationship with strawberries did. This has to be more than a pregnancy craving. This is a deeper, more addictive love. I feel it in my bones.



3 thoughts on “An ode to raspberries 

  1. Rose says:

    This post cracked me up! I remember my obsession was with watermelon when I was pregnant. That juicy fruit never tasted so good! 🙂

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