Where did the second trimester go?

As of this week, I am officially in my third trimester. It doesn’t seem real and I vividly remember thinking to myself, “how the hell am I going to get through this” back in my first trimester.

Everyone told me I would immediately feel better in my second trimester. I would have more energy, my nausea would go away and I would feel on top of the world. Well, sort of.  Maybe twin pregnancies are different in that respect too. As I look towards my last two and a half months, I also reflect on the past three months and how they measured up against what I was told:

The nausea and morning sickness go away after week 12,13,14:

Not only did my nausea not go away, but my morning sickness got so bad that I was told I needed to gain MORE weight. At 19 weeks I went to acupuncture and I swear that’s what fixed this for me.

The food aversions go away and you can eat again. 

I still get food aversions but they definitely subside, as well as the extreme sense of smell. I can finally eat meat again, although in smaller quantities.

This is when the crazy food cravings kick in.

Again, this didn’t really happen with me. I am more hungry, but I don’t have weird cravings and I can’t eat a bucket of ice cream by myself. Most of my cravings have been healthy food, and annoyingly, soda.

You are going to have SO MUCH ENERGY!

Hahahahahaha no. Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have been tired and out of breath. There are days that I start with lots of energy, or get inspired, but I can’t go the entire day. Rest breaks are my best friend.

Obviously I also experienced some things that nobody told me. Like carpel tunnel hits you pretty hard. Getting up and leaning over becomes increasingly more difficult and getting a cough can make you pull a back muscle.

But this is when I felt more connected to the babies. I can feel them moving, kicking and pushing a lot more. And they look much more real on ultrasounds – they are obviously bigger, and there’s something breathtaking about seeing little fingers, toes, feet and arms.

People are also generally nicer. In Miami, this is huge. People open doors for you, smile at you and ask for details.  The older ladies in our complex quiz El Hombre on details.

As the time gets closer, it will be interesting to see how everything changes. And June, you can hold off on coming for a bit. We still have so much to do!



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