Oh babies. I hope you don’t inherit my shopping problems.

In the past 29 weeks, I’ve realized something. When you become pregnant, the stories about parenting shift. All of a sudden you start hearing the “horror” stories from well-meaning parents. That’s great, I appreciate that people don’t want me to be blindsided. But sometimes you just need a break from poop explosion stories and sleep regression. All that’s going to hit me in a way that I can’t prepare for, other than to soldier through so in the meantime I’m going to daydream about the memorable experiences and cuteness that comes along with parenting. And while I currently don’t reflect this interest, one of these things is fashion.

As I’ve perused my Instagram feed, Pinterest feed and stores, I’m starting to see all sorts of things that we clearly don’t need, but I want for future park and beach days. Like these:

Floral Baby Romper

This adorable romper from Bailey’s Blossoms would perfectly show off chubby baby legs on park and playground days.

Coming home baby girl outfit

This coming home outfit from Gigi and Max is adorable! Maybe a bit too toasty for my Miami babies, but I love it!

Knot headband tutorial

I can totally make these. And I will. I like these better than those massive flower headband situations.


I mean, how can you not do this for fall?

baby dino dress

How can any kid not love dinosaurs? I love dinosaurs! Maybe not $50 dinosaurs but this is so, so cute.


I could go on and on and on. But it’s a slippery slope between online shopping and having an “oops, I kind of spent too much money, but I’m supporting small businesses!” conversation later.

Also, this is in no way a sponsored post and I do not receive any compensation for purchases. I just genuinely love these pieces.


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