Do not register with Baby’s R Us

So, baby registries. A somewhat necessary evil. I’ve always felt strange putting together gift lists for people – like I expect them to buy me things, when really I don’t. But people ask and it makes everyone’s lives easier.

So, in my experience with both wedding registries and baby registries, I can hands-down tell you that Baby’s R Us is the worst. Part of this is personal snobbery – I cannot stand bad user experience, and Baby’s R Us clearly needs to restructure their entire online shopping experience. It looks like they just keep building on a site that they built in the early 2000’s.

But that’s not the only reason I recommend that you avoid the Baby’s R Us registry.  They also clearly have some issues with their internal systems architecture.  Items will show as “purchased” on the registry but never show up in your gift manager. If items are shipped separately there is no documentation of that – which has led me to several contacts with customer service. In some cases, they are unable to explain to me where the items are or when they are coming as they do not have access to the warehousing information.

On several occasions, the registry information goes down and is not available. This cannot be chalked up to maintenance because it happens in the middle of the day and early evenings – prime online shopping times. Other times, like today, the registry information will come back up on the website, but customer service will not have access.

Most recently, I had a friend contact me because he purchased something on my registry, and a week later got an email from Baby’s R Us that the item cannot be fulfilled and they were cancelling the order. No similar email was sent to me so that I could pick a similar item – I had to rely on my friend to tell me. What kind of shopping experience is this? Overall, very disappointing.

Baby’s R Us also has the lowest completion discount of all the registries.

So where should you register? I recommend Target and Amazon. Both have clean, simple, easy websites. Getting information is easy and with Target you can still go in-store. My friend also recommends Buy Buy Baby. From my shopping experience, Buy Buy Baby is much better online. I just didn’t choose it because the store closest to me is pretty small and much of their merchandise is high up on shelves that I cannot reach.


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