1 month necessities

It’s been a little more than 5 weeks since Z&E joined us on this side of the world, and woah! How life has changed! There are a thousand blogs out there about how parenthood changes you, and if you are anything like me, none of it really makes sense until you are in the same situation. And I get it, there’s really no words that can describe the emotions that come with parenting. It’s just not possible. Everything I’ve thought up doesn’t come close. But this blog isn’t about those feelings. It’s about answers.

You see, I have several friends who are now pregnant and working on registries. And I remember asking my friends for input, while staring at multiple websites, wondering, “do I really need this?” It was frustrating, because you never know what’s being pushed for affiliate marketing, and what’s a genuine recommendation.  So this is my list of what we have needed/used in the past 5 weeks:


For Baby:

Bottles. We breastfeed almost exclusively but we have about 6-7 bottles in rotation for pumped milk or the occasional formula. I prefer the Dr. Browns bottles because it reduces the gas that my girls have. I also have a Phillips Advent bottle that I got as a sample that works, and I had a MAM one, but I threw it out because it didn’t work for us.  If you plan to exclusively pump, or formula feed, I would double this up to 12 bottles for twins.

Bottle Brush/drying rack. My husband has a thing with using the dishwasher, so we hand wash everything. At first I didn’t think I needed these, but our drying rack quickly got filled with parts and the brush is much easier than a sponge. We use this rack because it’s just more manageable for us.

Formula. I know, I know. This is touchy. But trust me, sometimes you need it. Especially if your milk is starting to come in, or on the first day of a growth spurt. I have spent hours and hours on the couch or my chair, feeding. Then I got dehydrated because I couldn’t get up to get water, or I didn’t have hands to get water. This hurts your milk supply and it’s exhausting and frustrating for you and the babies. Ultimately it’s about making sure your babies are fed.

Gripe water and/or Mylicon drops. Hope you never need to use this. My girls didn’t have problems with gas until their first growth spurt. Overall we are lucky that they aren’t very gassy babies, but the cluster feeding seems to bring it on. My husband ran to Target at 11 pm to get this because Z was screaming in pain for so long. It helps. Trust me.

Burp cloths/extra rags. I run through these like you couldn’t believe. If I am out of burp cloths, I use all the receiving blankets that sit by my nursing chair. They have to be good for something!

For You:

Breast pump. I wake up engorged every morning, which is uncomfortable. People will tell you this will create an oversupply. I will tell you that pumping and saving that milk for when you have growth spurts is a life saver. Because if you feel strongly about not using formula, then you have a supply on hand. With Obamacare, your insurance company should cover one for you. Take advantage – it’s worth it.

Extra shirts that you care nothing about. Because spit up happens. As does poop and pee. And so does breast milk leakage. Motherhood is not glamorous. I am using old maternity shirts that I am sure noone wants. And my husband’s beat up undershirts, of which he has many.

Breast pads. See above. There’s nothing more gross than waking up with a wet, clammy shirt. No joke, I’d rather deal with the spit up. I don’t like disposable because of the waste, but the Phillips brand of disposables were good. Target brand is ok. I am using these now and I’m a fan.

Moisturizer. Because your skin gets crazy when you get engorged.


Diapers & Wipes. You can never have enough diapers or wipes. But don’t go crazy getting big boxes of newborns or size 1s until your baby is born. Zoey quickly grew out of the preemie diapers, while Emma was in them for an extra week. One box of newborn diapers, plus the packs we got from the hospital tided us over. Get as many wipes as you can. It’s amazing how fast you go through them.

Don’t want to use wipes all the time? My friend Rose uses washcloths and water for wet diapers. She keeps a spray bottle and lots of wash cloths in her changing area.

We skipped on all the “Warmers” but I would say if you get a wipe warmer, keep it. Babies hate the cold, wet wipes on their skin. At least mine do.

Diaper rash cream.

Changing pad/covers. Outside of our nursery we have the fold-out pads so we don’t have to change the girls directly on furniture.

Also, a tip we got from friends is to make sure you have diaper supplies for all of the rooms where you spend time. You more than likely won’t spend all your time in your nursery and you don’t want to run to that room every time you need to make a change.


Pack n Play/Bassinet. Our girls have shared a bassinet in our twins Pack n Play, which we recommend. Once the babies outgrow the bassinets, then we will convert it to the play pen/travel crib.

Swing. These are a godsend. Especially since Emma has spit up issues so she needs to be up for awhile after she eats. We use the Fisher Price swing that folds up. They are really light and store well.

Footie PJs. Because when you live in the blistering heat of South Florida, you crank your AC. We didn’t have enough of these and had to go buy more.



Shampoo. We got this as a gift and it’s awesome.

Baby bathtub. Or anything to prop the babies up when washing them. It makes them (and you) feel more secure. Ours is small and folds up when we aren’t using it.

Washcloths and Towels. 

If your baby’s cord hasn’t fallen out, then you can’t submerge them in water, so you have to stick to sponge baths. These are available to make that easier. We had one and it fit perfectly in our sink.

Health & Baby Care

Nasal aspirator. We use the squeezy ball. The Nose Freida is popular right now, but I’ve learned that when you need to use this, you need to use it fast. The Nose Freida seems like extra steps so we skipped on that.  PS, when babies spit up, it’s not uncommon for spit up to come out of their noses.



Soft Brush. Even if they don’t have hair, this comes in handy for cradle cap.

That’s basically what we have used. Obviously we have used onesies and clothes, as well as our wrap carrier, but in this first month, we haven’t touched toys.

Hope this helps!





3 thoughts on “1 month necessities

  1. Rose says:

    Great list! You really captured the things we forget to think about like thermometers and gripe water. Also, thanks for the shout out! 🙂

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