On cooking and creativity

I’ve come to realize that as I get older, I’m finding creative outlets in different places. Over the past few years, one of my outlets has become cooking. I’m no professional, but once I understand the basics of a recipe, I will never make it the same way twice. Which is both good and bad because I can’t create attachments. But I can get more creative.

So over the past few weeks, I’ve been wrapping up babies in my moby and picking up my cooking game. With all the calories I’m burning with breastfeeding, my appetite is through the roof, but eating out is both expensive and generally way too salty.

My go-to tends to be soups and stews since I can basically throw everything in my pantry in to a pot and generally have good outcomes. But these last few weeks I’ve been inspired to cook different things because it gives me something to focus on other than babies, diapers, insurance, sad news and politics. Some of these are repeats but overall these have made it in to my “Go To Recipes” folder:

Oatmeal Crumble Bars. I used raspberries instead of blackberries because I love them. Next time I am going to try this with blueberries and add lemon zest.

Oven baked fried chicken? Oh yes. I am going to add different spices to this until the cows come in. Just FYI. And a tip? Roast veggies in the dish afterwards.

Marinara. In the past few years I have switched over entirely to spaghetti squash. Except for this recipe. For this I still use real pasta. Delicious, delicious real pasta.

Cheap chicken curry.

Tacos and more tacos (it’s an added bonus that I could use the pineapple from our garden in this)

Up next? Lots of cool, summer beverages and more baking.


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