Necessity is the mother of all inventions. 

I need my coffee in the morning and I can’t drink it without milk & sugar. I’m just not that hard. 

Si when we run out of milk it means an immediate run to the grocery. Except now the grocery store is impossible for me and El Hombre just started a new job. So I roughed it out for one day.

Then as I was looking for something else, I found half a can of full-fat coconut milk that I’d used a day or two before and I thought, “hmmmmmm.”

You see, I love coconut as much as I love coffee, so how bad could it be?

Full-fat coconut milk has the same consistency as yogurt so I wasn’t sure how this would work out, but it did.

Unlike regular milk or creamer, the coconut milk adds a richness to the flavor, only imparting a hint of coconut taste. It actually enhances the natural acidity of the coffee so you get the full flavor of the bean without the harshness of drinking coffee black.

Since coconut milk is a pantry staple in my home, this is a trend I will continue. 


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