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Life is busy. So, so busy. I have two four month olds, I’m ramping up my “work from home” business and we have very little family here. What family we do have is not able to babysit for an hour.

So yeah, this blog has been neglected. But fortunately we have found some part-time help, which is amazing. Hurricane Matthew skipped us and I got a little sleep these last two days. Who’s feeling on top of the world today? This girl!

As I sit in my nursing chair feeding these babies, I have studiously ignored as much negativity surrounding the election as possible. Instead I’ve been seeking inspiration elsewhere. Here are some things that have caught my eye:

Can’t or won’t?

One of my favorite Insta accounts 


5 ways to reuse baby jars

Help cure Rett Syndrome



2 thoughts on “Around the web

  1. Rose says:

    Hey babe! I feel you on not having family around. It’s tough but I’m so glad you found help, if at least part time. Thanks for the shout out on the link ❤

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