Things I never thought I’d say

After 5 months of Z & E, I’ve found myself uttering phrases I never thought I’d say. For those of you who wonder what it’s like to have multiples, here are some of those things:

Please don’t vomit on my face.

Don’t chew on your sister’s head. No, don’t chew on her elbow. OK fine, chew on her arm. 

Why are you chewing on my face?

Please don’t vomit on your sister’s face.

Please don’t punch each other in the face.

Thank you for blowing spit bubbles in my eyes. Yes I know it’s funny. Thank you

Seriously though, these girls are funny. They are very interactive with each other and they love to make each other laugh. Zoey loves making funny faces (that she learned from us) at Emma, and they love to hold hands and talk to each other. It’s interesting to watch this bond grow.

Most importantly, now they take naps. Which means I get quiet time!




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