Around the Internets

What a week! It’s the end of my blogging challenge, election day (I voted, and I hope you did too) and my troop has been preparing for our shows at Camelot Days this weekend.  Yes, we perform at the medieval fair and anyone who has known me for long thinks this is hilarious.

So in advance of what looks like a beautiful weekend in South Florida, here’s some reading for you:

The origin of the sandwich?


This post features such simple, chic brides. Love it!

I’ve been wanting to go to Russia ever since I read War & Peace (for real y’all. I’m a book nerd)

Everyone needs a spa break sometimes.

My friend’s weight-loss journey is inspiring. It’s not easy guys, but she’s super dedicated.

My brother has some new jams he just shared.

The Bureau of Land Management’s Tumblr is amazing. I need to go to all these places.


A sweet tip of Pinterest

I am unashamedly obsessed with Pinterest.  Anyone who follows me can probably tell by now. I mean, this is a site that encourages my OCD nature of collecting and organizing things and ideas without taking up any space in my house!

But one thing I noticed is I pin all these ideas but never actually utilize them, so I am going to try to change that.  Starting with this entry.

One of my goals is to transition into a more natural beauty regiment.  Especially lately – between the heat and the humidity, my skin is just not having it.  In my searches online, I kept finding all sorts of information on the therapeutic benefits of honey. Who would have thought? Apparently it’s not only good for coughs, but it’s good for the skin.

And then a lightbulb went off.  I have pinned stuff to my boards about Honey masks.  I tried one of the ones from this pin and it definitely helped. My skin is definitely more clear, moisturized and glowy.  So thumbs up to my Pinterest discovery!