I recently stumbled across this article on Mashable about one artist’s theory on how humans will look in 100,000 years.  It’s interesting to see someone’s perspective about how technology will impact the physiological aspect of our appearance.  I definitely think we will need to adapt to receiving so much information so quickly. However, I do think it looks heavily influenced by animation — does anyone else feel like they are looking at Disney characters on the last two?

What would have made this article more interesting would be to have gone back in time to show a true progression.  So as far back as we can track human remains and going forward.  That may or may not give more credence to the theory.


Welcome to 2013 Flickr!

Full discloser, this might get geeky.

So in case you haven’t heard, Flickr has gone through a major (and much-needed) facelift.  Earlier today I got an email regarding changes to accounts and of course I had to check it out.  From a super visual vertical, scrolling slideshow to lifting the obnoxious restrictions on free accounts, it seems like Flickr has decided to get back in the game.  And that’s a good thing because there is so much competition.

I remember when I first signed on with Flickr, I thought the limits on photo uploads, and the amount of photos you could display was a horrible user experience, so I quickly abandoned it.  And unless I am looking at sharing photo sets on blogs, I have had no real use for it.  When I got my camera, I vowed to use the site more.  At this stage I already had a Pro account so I might as well have, right? But let’s be real, I mainly surfed Flickr for pictures.

I am really digging the new site.  It’s much more visual – and shouldn’t it be? The site exists to share photos. It also makes sharing easier, and now free accounts get a terabyte of space.  That’s awesome!

Of course I am not at all surprised that this comes on the announcement that Yahoo! just bought out Tumblr.  In all likelihood they want to drive more cross traffic between the two sites (as you can post to Tumblr from a toolbar, just like Pinterest) and play up a little friendly competition at the same time.

So good play Yahoo! Let’s hope this all works out, but I like the direction in which you’re going.


Mac Love

Over the last year I have been tempted my friends, and I’ve finally done it. It’s been an amazing six and a half years but I’ve finally invested in a brand new MacBook Pro. Goodbye old MacBook with the flickering screen, I’ve moved on and I’m not looking back!