On dreams and silence

Hello world, it’s been awhile.

I’ve been silent for some time now… since June in fact.  I have no excuse really.  I’ve been bored. Not with writing necessarily, but the general monotony of my daily routine has cooled my desire to create.

But then last night I had a strange dream that my blog riddled with recently-published drafts. Things I didn’t want to share. Not because they were secrets, but because everything was poorly written and shoddily constructed. As we drove down Overseas Highway, I kept mulling over what this meant. And then it struck me. That dream was my unconsciousness prodding me to start writing again.

You see, in writing I challenge myself to discover new things, to look at my daily life differently. By letting go of this, I have fallen in to a sedentary state, mentally. I used to drag my husband all over South Florida, hunting down experiences that I could share.  Since I’ve fallen away from that, I’ve been plagued with Writer’s Block, restlessness and boredom.

It’s been years since I have felt the creative spark, and something this weekend must have jogged it. Now the challenge is to continue to kindle the flame.